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​​​​Do more with less effort. Make Microsoft® Outlook®, Microsoft Exchange® or Microsoft Office 365® work for you. 

Save time, avoid mistakes. Your users will thank you.

Thousands of people are using these features every day to SA​​​VE TIME.​​​ Are you interested?

  • Click a ribbon button to add your organisation's holidays to the calendar, in different languages (see below)?
  • Prompt to add a follow-up reminder to your calendar each time you send a message?
  • Click a button to add or remove a delegate's mailbox from the Folder List?
  • Use a wizard to automatically generate a standard e-mail signature? 
  • Automatically move sent messages into the correct Sent Items folder?
  • Choose from a drop-down list of templates?
  • Add security classification labels (SECRET, TOP SECRET, CLASSIFIED) to the top of each message you send, and integrate them with Exchange's server classifications?
  • Automatically zoom the message text each time you open a message?
  • Automatically turn on the out-of-office when you close Outlook after a set time?
  • Automate any repetitive, manual steps that your users are doing now.

Need to do any of these in Exchange or Office 365 and REDUCE MISTAKES? ​​

  • Use a PowerShell GUI to create mailboxes the same way, every time, regardless of who does it?​

  • Use a PowerShell GUI to manage mailbox delegate, full-acess and send-as permissions in one place?
  • Have a scheduled PowerShell script report mailbox permissions to mailbox owners?
  • Use a PowerShelll GUI to create a specific event and add it to specific calendars, using a specific colour category and reminder?
  • Send a message to all users, in batches, or target certain employees using specific criteria using a PowerShell GUI?
  • Import or export mailbox data, messages or file attachments from MS Exchange to other systems, using a PowerShell script?
  • Automate migrations using a PowerShell GUI checklist and reduce the likelihood of forgetting a step (see below)?

​Click here for my ​add-ins for Microsoft Outlook: AutoBCC and AutoPrint.

Need an experienced ICT Consultant? I'm available to work remotely, or on-site in Luxembourg.

Technical support, professional documentation and user guides in English are included with my work. Payment is usually on the basis of agreed deliverables.

Contact me​ to discuss how I can help you help your users, without any obligation. Je parle français aussi.

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